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Choose currency in which will pay cash and enter into the left or right window the figure necessary to you. In an opposite window receive settlement value in that currency which have chosen.

The minimum sum of order PayPal is not limited.

The maximum sum of order WMZ is limited $350.

The exchanger fee makes 11.0% from sum WMZ, and cannot be less $0


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Fee exwp.com


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Attention! Under requirements of system Webmoney you can deduce money only to yourselves.

The parametres marked with letter X19, should be specified in your certificate Webmoney.



You should register in our service before making the application.

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The program these three fields incorporate in phone number on which if necessary to you the control call will be made and the confidential four-unit code of your demand is informed.

Try not to be mistaken with number as the call is made in an automatic mode strictly at that time which you specify in the course of dialogue with the Administrator of an exchanger.

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If at application there will be problems, inform on them in the Guestbook.


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